Apprenticeship Program

  • Training and Curriculum
    Classroom-minimum three weeks
    Construction Terminology
    CDL Driving Criteria
    General Driving Skills
    Stopping, Starting, Driving
    Up And Down A Grade
    Lane Change
    Railroad Crossing
    Warning/Information Signs
    Load Securing
    Air Brakes
    Pre-Trip Inspections


    Hands-On Training
    Backing Techniques
    Shifting Techniques
    Pre-Trip Inspection
    Driving In Traffic
    Road Test



    Safety & Employment Based Training
    Defensive Driving
    State of Illinois Flagger Certification
    Construction Site Safety
    Drug / Alcohol Awareness
    Work Place Non-Harassment
    First Aid, CPR & AED



    Teamsters Construction Driver Apprentice Course

    Student will receive approximately eight (8) weeks, 200 hours, of classroom and hands-on training. During this first year of training, students will learn basic CDL driver training. The training for this program will take place at the Illinois Teamsters/Employers Apprenticeship & Training Fund Training Center located at 990 NE Frontage Road, Suite 4 in Joliet, Illinois. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If there are any changes to the class times throughout the training, the instructors will advise the students of the change. All students will be required to be present and participate in the daily classes and exercise. Our employers want a well-trained workforce; therefore, we at Illinois Teamsters/Employers Apprenticeship &Training Fund expect to deliver a skilled and productive safe driver to the workforce. Students enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program will not receive compensation during their time at the Training Center.

    Upon completion of the first segment of classroom training (minimum 14 days), students will be required to report to a Secretary of State Drivers License Facility for the written test, and, upon successfully completing all exams, will be granted an instruction permit.

    The second segment of training will include a combination of classroom and hands-on range training. At that point, the student will spend time reviewing any class material previously covered, new tasks training skills, driver improvement skills and range training. During the range training, the student will be required to demonstrate the proper operation of the vehicle and all aspects of safety involved with operating the vehicle and its components.

    The third segment, upon satisfactory completion of range training, involves road skills driving. At that time the student, accompanied with the instructor, performs the road exercises. This will consist of various driving conditions that will give the students real life situations and how to manage their driving skills. The student must pass this segment of training before they will be allowed to take the Illinois CDL Road Test.

    The fourth segment of the program will be determined by the instructors, and successful completion of the above segments. The student will only be allowed 3 attempts to pass the road test at the Teamsters Training Center.

    Failure to complete the apprenticeship program will result in the cancellation of the Apprentice's CDL privileges.