State of the art truck simulator to help new students become familiar with the equipment and continuing education for returning students to better their skills using a variety of driving scenarios and equipment used in our construction trade.

Tractor-Trailer Dump

Used to haul construction material, (sand, gravel, dirt, asphalt) to and from job site locations.

Telescopic Forklift

This machine is used to load and unload construction material. Its ability to use all wheel drive and its 54 foot telescopic reach makes it easier to maneuver material in certain situations.

Lowboy Trailer

Specialized trailer used to move equipment from one job location to another, which cannot be driven upon public roadways.

Semi-Truck Tractor

Power unit used to pull the various road trailers the students train on.


Used in teaching members safe operations and control of vehicle. Upon successful completion the student receives their Passenger Endorsement. The Bus is used on pipeline jobs to haul employees to the job site.