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"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the support granted to St. Paul Church of God in Christ Community Development Ministries, Inc. (SPCDM) with the OSHA 10-hour training program. The April 22-23 training is the second time we have come to the Teamsters for your service, not because of the $0 cost but because of your knowledge, care, and approach to an excellent training opportunity. The students reported enjoyment of being prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to become more effective in safety. They appreciated receiving important safety concepts that were adequately explained and connected with industry-standard practices, particularly safety requirements for each construction area. Your program structure and presentations were motivating and easy to understand and navigate. Please see their attached comments. Your workplace safety training goal to minimize incidents and maximize awareness and alertness has been met in the OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety and Health provided. In addition to complying with regulatory demands, you have become responsible for potentially healthy, happy, and productive employees. SPCDM wants to thank you for providing this service for free. Promoting learning for those who want to and need to work safely and prevent workplace accidents yet cannot afford to pay is an admirable endeavor; we applaud you. Also, this valuable portable certificate adds countable experience to a resume. Thank you very much! We are humbled and forever grateful for the support received from the brothers and sisters of the Illinois Teamsters Joint Council No 25. "

Appreciation Letter – OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety and Health

Betty J. Jones

"Hello Mike;
Congratulations again on being chosen for the 2015 Defensive Driving Courses NSC PTD Instructor of the Year. I thought you might like to have the enclosed photo of you receiving the award. Thank you again for all that you do to make the roadways of the world a safer place to drive.
James A. Solomon"

2015 Defensive Driving Courses NSC PTD Instructor of the Year

James Solomon

"We were able to train 150 of our pipeline Teamsters," said Marion (Bubba) Davis, Director of the Division. Our instructors Richard Lindsay of the Construction Teamsters Training and Upgrading Fund of Southern California, Joe Gleaton of Teamsters Local 509's training center and Joe Costello and Greg Stroud of the Illinois Teamsters/Employers Apprenticeship and Training Fund did a terrific job."

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Teamster Pipeliners

The Illinois Teamsters/Employers Apprenticeship & Training Fund, as their objective is to train our apprentices in the field of CONSTRUCTION DRIVER and to ensure them that they are skilled in all phases of the construction industry. The Training Fund recognizes that in order to accomplish this, there must be well-developed on-the-job training combined with certification training. We ensure continual education training to achieve that our apprentices are the best qualified and skilled employees so that our Union contractors have the Safest and Productive employees available.

Please take the time and hear for yourself from our current apprentices of their thoughts of the training they have received and their goals. Their commitment to excellence and accomplishment make us very proud and has and will continue to impress their Employers for years to come.

Illinois Teamsters Training

"Another day on the pipeline thanks to the guys at the Illinois training Center Michael Borjas and Joe and Greg"

Another Teamster Member working because of his commitment to certified training

- Rich Garcia

Our mission at the Illinois Teamsters Employers Apprenticeship & Training Fund is to provide job skills training for Teamsters in the construction industry.
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