Training Programs and Curriculum

Training Center Courses
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Construction Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program (1032)
Our mission at the Training Center is to provide job skills training for applicants to enter the Teamsters Construction Industry. The Apprentice Program is a four (4) year program where the students receive continuous education. Once accepted as a Teamster Apprentice, you will receive approximately eight (8) weeks, 200 hours of classroom and hands-on training. The primary objective of the course is to give students the basic skills required to become a safe professional commercial driver in the construction industry. The Construction Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program is a (4) year 4000 hours program. Each year, Apprentices are required to attend classroom training, and receive on-the-job training to advance to their next level where they learn to safely operate various types of equipment and receive additional safety training.

10 Hour OSHA, 40 Hour Hazmat OSHA, 8 Hour Refresher Courses, DOT Training

The following courses are available to everyone:
40 Hour Hazardous Waste Worker Course
8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher Course
4 Hour DOT Awareness Course
10 Hour OSHA Construction Safety Course
HMIT DOT Training
Construction Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program (1032)*

* Approved by the Dept. of Labor & Illinois Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
Only contributing employers are eligible to hire Apprentices.

The following courses are available only to Teamster members of contributing employers:
24-Hour AWD Forklift Certification
4-Hour Forklift Refresher
24-Hour Load Securement Course
Bus Endorsement
Defensive Driving DDC-4*
State of Illinois Flagger Certification
Temporary Traffic Control Design Technician Certification (TC Tech)
CDL Upgrades – CDL (B) to CDL (A)
Online CDL Safety Permit and Endorsement Study Program*
First Aid, CPR & AED

*Approved for Honorably discharged Veterans, Reserves and National Guard.

24-Hour AWD Forklift Certification
This course is designed to introduce students with little or no experience in the operation of the telescopic forklift. Students spend the first day in the classroom learning the fundamentals of the forklift. During classroom activities, students learn how to properly document pre-trip and post-trip forms, and inspect the equipment for use in the field. The second and third day consists of students performing actual forklift exercises to demonstrate competency necessary to the safe operation of the forklift.

4-Hour Forklift Refresher
The forklift refresher course is designed for members that have been previously qualified on the equipment and need to update their certification. Students spend part of the time in the classroom preparing them for the written exam, and discussing safety concerns when working around the equipment and job site. Once students successfully complete the written exam, they are able to practice on the range with the forklift and receive their hands-on evaluation on the test site.

24-Hour Load Securement Course
The Load Securement course teaches individuals the required and safe working practices of securing material or equipment down. Classroom instruction includes students learning the Federal Highway Administration rules and regulations governing proper load securement. Students will learn the fundamentals of safely loading and securing specific types of commodities for transportation. Hands-on training includes the students loading equipment on lowboy trailers and necessary requirements for securing the load to the trailer with the proper tie down equipment.

10 hr OSHA & Forklift Certification

40-Hour Initial Hazardous Waste Worker Course
OSHA requires this course for workers at hazardous waste sites. The course includes classroom learning and realistic hands-on activities using respirators, protective clothing and safety equipment. Upon completion, each worker receives a “40-Hour Card” that certifies the worker for 12 months, at which time OSHA requires a Refresher Course.

8-Hour Hazardous Waste Worker Refresher Course
OSHA requires this annual Refresher Course for hazardous waste workers. The course reviews the Initial Course, lessons learned from accidents, and presents new procedures and regulatory changes. Upon completion, each worker receives an “Eight-Hour Refresher Card” that certifies the worker to continue hazardous waste work for 12 months.

4-Hour Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety and Security Courses
DOT requires transportation workers who handle hazardous materials to take hazmat awareness training and security awareness training. This includes drivers and warehouse workers. Upon completion, each worker receives a card that certifies compliance with these DOT training requirements. The card is good for three years, after which time DOT requires workers to take this training again.

10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Outreach Course
Many contractors and jurisdictions require construction workers to take this course on OSHA standards, electrical safety, fall protection and other topics chosen to match the job tasks of the workers attending the course. Upon completion, each worker receives an “OSHA 10-Hour Card” showing that the worker completed this course.

16-Hour Emergency Responder – Operations Level Course
OSHA requires this course for warehouse and freight workers who respond to hazmat incidents in a manner beyond that allowed for awareness-trained workers. The course includes classroom learning and realistic hands-on defensive responder techniques. Upon completion, each worker receives a card that certifies the worker as an emergency responder – operations level.

4-Hour Defensive Driving Course
The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course (DDC) help Identify the risks and hazards on the roadways. Explain defensive driving techniques/ advantages and benefits of defensive driving.

State of Illinois Flagger Certification
The Flagger Training course is a combination lecture, visual presentation and outdoor exercise lasting approximately 4 hours. The primary objective is to train flaggers to provide safe passage of traffic through and around work areas. Upon completion a person will be a certified Flagger under the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Temporary Traffic Control Design Technician Certification (TC Tech)
Temporary Traffic Control is for workers responsible for establishing and maintaining traffic control devices in or near vehicle right-of-way. Keeping workers safe while in or near vehicle right-of-way. Installing signs and warning devices and controlling traffic flow in construction, maintenance, or utility work zones.
Current State of Illinois Flagger Certification

4-Hour First Aid, CPR/AED Course
The National Safety Councils First Aid and CPR/AED courses have grown to meet the changing needs of emergency responder at all levels of expertise. Upon completion you will join millions of first aiders and emergency responders trained to protect life and promote health.