Apprenticeship is a formal method of training in a skilled trade. During an apprenticeship period, the apprentice receives classroom instruction and on-the-job training. When on-the-job, you will learn and perform more complex tasks by working with skilled journeymen.
There is no compensation while an apprentice is in classroom instruction.

Qualified Veterans may be eligible for a monthly stipend for the entire 48 months of the Apprentice Program as long as they remain in good standing as a apprentice.

Although the training is free, the selected applicant for the apprenticeship program will be required to provide their Motor Vehicle Report, drug/alcohol test, medical card (DOT physical) and all driver’s license fees.
The apprentice program is a four-year program where apprentices receive classroom and on-the-job training each and every year. Once the apprentice completes their yearly requirements, they advance to the next level of apprentice.
As a Teamster Apprentice, you will be working in the construction field, which includes heavy highway construction, road building and various types of general construction work. This type of work is usually seasonal, and during the winter/off months, we bring the apprentices into the classroom for additional instruction and safety certification.
The apprenticeship program covers various Teamster construction unions throughout the State of Illinois. An apprentice may be required to travel to different areas of the state to receive their on-the-job training.
As a Teamster in the construction trade, you will be working with heavy equipment, and must be able to secure cargo for transporting down the roadways. We work in all types of weather conditions and traffic situations and many times, long hours each day. You must be physically fit to work in the construction profession.
Initial first year training requires six to eight weeks of training preparing the student for his/her Illinois CDL license, and learning the skills to become a Teamster construction driver. First year classes will require the apprentice to attend training Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM daily for the first 6–8 weeks.